Feminist Metaverse

By AAO Techs 04 May 2022
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We expect to utilize blockchain innovation to make a Feminist Metaverse as a conviction framework. Make Feminist financial aspects as a DAO to adjust to the gender-biased world. Services we provide under the Feminist metaverse are, Defi Ecosystem, NFT marketplace, and Feminist DAO Governance. Defi Ecosystem, Consolidating the benefits of the DeFi biological system and Metaverse, the Feminist Metaverse constructs a decentralized monetary office of the state of the art DeFi contemplations through an exceptional DAO administration instrument, which is executed through various brilliant agreements. 

It can engage ladies without topographical limitations by composing codes to oversee computerized resources and utilizing the monetary component and common advantage mining framework, to tackle the issue of imbalance of unified financial advantages and make a fair metaverse economic community.
NFT Marketplace, The Feminist Metaverse permits clients to make, insight, and adapt contents in the application program, and consistently improve local area resources, including but not restricted to savvy contracts, NFT, social correspondence, games, Defi frameworks, and so on the chain, and offer benefits with different ladies through local area building.
Feminist DAO Governance, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), in particular, "Appropriated Autonomous Organization", alludes to the type of association that finishes a few choices and executes errands naturally as decentralized independence under shared rules through code and projects. At the end of the day, a gathering under certain "major objectives" goes with aggregate choices on various "little objectives", and empowers the activities relating to the choice to be naturally executed on the chain. In the Feminist metaverse, DAO will be acknowledged through tokens and savvy contracts, and frequently be utilized in the day-to-day administration of adjusting the male-ruled world, and judicious rearrangement of assets. 

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