OTC Exchange Development

By AAO Techs 14 Apr 2022
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OTC stands for Over The Counter. 
You may have heard of the name Forex/ FX/ Currency Market. Where people all over the million people trade volume every day. This is very similar to the OTC exchange, we have a currency that is exchanged, here it is a crypto currency that is traded.

In a decentralized market, there are different correspondence modes like email, phone, and exclusive electronic exchanging which is utilized by market members to exchange and execute with each other. To sort out the monetary business sectors, there are two essential ways like an Over The Counter OTC market and an exchange market. In an OTC market, vendors by providing cost estimates go about as market-creators and they will trade cash, security, and other monetary items.
A general over the counter stock exchange will happen between two parties' others are unaware of the quoting prices where the securities are not listed on the major exchanges but are traded directly by dealers' network.

The transparency and the regulations in OTC are less. OTC desks in an OTC play a vital role in the OTC market as a middleman. The basic idea is to let the users trade high volumes and not to worry about financial institutions or any other exchange platforms. The entire process takes place in a highly secured network, most importantly in a decentralized environment. 

It is highly important to be aware of the key difference between OTC and exchange. The differences are, over the counter OTC market offers a bulk amount of cryptos other exchanges offer a limited amount. Trading can be done 24/7 in OTC; trading can only be possible in exchange hours in other exchange development. Customization in trading is based on the admin or the dealer whereas it's a standard set of customizations in other exchange development. These are the differences between OTC vs exchange traded 

Top OTC platforms are: eToro, Capital.com, Avatrade, Pepperstone.

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