NFT Gaming Platform Development

By AAO Techs 06 Mar 2022
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The future of NFT is here, if you have surfed the internet, you might have noticed the upsurge in some games through NFTS. Online gaming has gone to another level of spotlight mostly during the pandemic. As there is much business in this gaming sector, NFTs of games too took skyrocketing profits. Not just trading the NFTS, few NFTs even pay to the gamers while they play the games.

If you have an NFT game in your hand and it needs promotions don't worry, you are in the right place. These NFT games, which are going to rule the gaming industry, need marketing services like ours to leverage worldwide. If you are a traditional online gamer or developer this NFT gaming would be a jaw-dropping experience for you. This gaming landscape provides opportunities for gamers worldwide to earn while they play. It would be hard to believe if I said few corporate employees have even quit their jobs and are seeking NFT gaming as their main source of income.

You can sell your gaming avatars, skins, characters, weaponry, virtual territories, collectibles, gaming tokens, rare game attributes. Surprisingly, there are fitness apps that were being developed using blockchain technology, and they pay the users who reach the targets in the fitness games app. Solana is the blockchain that is used by Nintendo company. StepN is a fitness game that comes in Move-To-Earn games. The player of the game will be rewarded if they hit steps goals.

Creating or trading a gaming NFT is a smart and beneficial option. Here are the reasons for it:
In-Game Asset Control and Ownership: this allows users to access all their game treasures. Every item that we purchased in the game has a unique number tied to the account of the owner as long as the owner holds the NFT.  Even if the game is shut down by the creator your NFT of that game is in your wallet safely without the fear of theft.
Gaming NFTS has a high value of ROI.

Interoperability of the traditional games is available for that game itself that is stored in centralized servers. Whereas through NFT based games can share their game purchases like, cars, armors if the games are created on the same Ethereum networks. upcoming NFT games could include NFT games android and few free NFT games
Here is the list of famous NFT Gaming Solutions:

  1. NFT for Action games
  2. NFT for Adventure games
  3. NFT for PvP Battle games
  4. NFT for Arcade games
  5. NFT for Fantasy sports
  6. NFT for Racing games
  7. NFT for Sports games
  8. NFT for Simulation games

 Of all the new NFT games 2021, top NFT games 2021 are 

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Splinterlands
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. League of Kingdoms
  5. Decentraland