ICO Development

By AAO Techs 17 Apr 2022
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A company's business growth is driven by its Innovation and Strategy. We are perfect for our client's innovative ideas with our intelligent strategies and start the initial coin offering IFO process. Which is an outcome of the contributions of the deep domain knowledge. Rich experience in Blockchain technology, and rigorous market research. Our list of hosting's includes Ideation and Validation, White Paper/ Light Paper Creation, Landing Page Design, Pre-ICO Marketing, Token Development, Wallet Development, Post ICO Marketing. Our ICO development solutions include White paper creation and design, listing services, Light paper creation, and design, Landing page design, Multi-channel marketing, ICO fundraising dashboard, Bounty management, Token or coin development, and Press release.

Benefits of IFO Development?  It requires a team of developers to create a new digital currency, it is then announced to wider communities by using a whitepaper that contains all the vital details and information with the objective that people will gather and invest their funds in the project. 

The ICO is almost similar to the IPO of the stock exchanges. Here also the potential investment companies who predict the potential of the project will buy their share after its successful launch, they get their initial share of coin tokens of the new currency. The reason behind buying the coins is to wait till they gain more worth and sell at higher prices. It was in July 2014 the very first ICO was started. It was by Ethereal. With the success rate of the first to launch very sooner many companies started to evolve. But what is surprising is not the ICO projects become successful. So, it is highly suggested and reliable that the clients go to a reliable service provider that provides all the ICO services under a single roof with a high success rate. With its rich success rate, and expertise in the service we provide, AAO Blocktech is one of the leading ICO services providers. Book a call with our experts and share your ideas with our developers.