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By AAO Techs 17 Apr 2022
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STO is a contraction for Security Token Offering, which alludes to a kind of symbolic arrangement where new tokens are made and sold under coordinated and controlled terms. Not in any manner like ICOs which are unregulated, STOs are logically secure and strong, as the chances of misinterpretation are nill. Security tokens are advanced tokens that are sponsored by a genuine, physical resource. Physical resources include stocks, gold, or anything different from significant worth. A security token should agree to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules of the particular country. One clear benefit of safety tokens is the extended liquidity of actual assets, as more clients can trade them cautiously. The advantages of ICO and IPO are consolidated in Security token Offerings (STOs), to give an ideal equilibrium by getting capital for a minimal price, while complying with the consistency of protections regulations, and security laws. Security tokens are security given to the financial investors to convey validness to the financial investors to raise capital. A security token holder will get specific proprietorship freedoms and become a partner of the company they have invested in.

 What are the types of STO services?

The three types of STO services include Equity Tokens, Asset Tokens, Debt Tokens.

What are the types of Asset Tokenization?

Types of Asset Tokenization, Real Estate, Art, Venture Captial Funds, Exclusive Goods, Mining Repository.

What are the Security tokens offering services?

Tokenized Asset Offering Development, Security Token Offering Development, Platform Development, STO Marketing, Security Token Exchange.

What are the Features of security token offerings?

Programmable Equity, security token offering services, Increase in Liquidity, Automated SEC Compliance, Secure wallet, Global capital investment, Greater market Efficiency, No intermediaries Customized blockchain.      

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