Crowd Funding Website Development

By AAO Techs 15 Mar 2022
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The word crowdfunding simply refers to the idea of raising funds through a large group of people online for a definite objective. This is a major deviation from the traditional circle of investors like relatives and venture capitalists.  This concept of crowdfunding is highly beneficial to small-scale businesses and startup companies. When we speak of crowdfunding, we have three types of it. 

  1. Reward crowdfunding
  2. Debt crowdfunding
  3. Equity crowdfunding

There are various crowdfunding sites depending on the genre of business-like tech biz, arts, films, charitable causes, emergency relief, and the widely known funding site Patreon for YouTubers, podcasts, and bloggers. These crowdfunding sites for business usually charge some percentages of monthly income earned. The percentages would depend on the kind of plan tier they have subscribed to. Lite (5%), Pro (8%), and Premium (12%).

The usual procedure for starting a fundraising campaign could be:

  1. Setting up a Free crowdfunding campaign
  2. Share the campaign
  3. Receive Donations
  4. Withdraw funds from the campaign

This transparency is an automatic feature that is a key part of the blockchain network, and this reduces any need for checks and balances. Due to the blockchain’s decentralized network, no one single entity is able to control or manipulate the network in any way.
In order to let the people or crowd in this context know your objective and to move them to donate/ offer/ invest their money in your objective/ plan/ business, your portfolio or reason should be so clear and logical. For small-scale startups, entrepreneurs finding investors or a platform that will bring more crowdfunding is a blessing, core task, a team of well-equipped crowdfunding website developers like us should be your first priority to hire.