KYC Blockchain Solution

By AAO Techs 29 Apr 2022
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As per Article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "Everybody has the option to acknowledgement wherever as an individual under the steady gaze of the law." However, around one-fifth of the total populace (1.8 billion individuals) lives without a legal identity. This prohibits them from present-day culture and denies them admittance to medical care, education, judicial service, equity, and other taxpayer driven organizations.

Besides, enormous monetary establishments are regularly spending between $900 million. This is on the ground reality that computerized character is not existed. One more disadvantage of the inexistence of a computerized character is fraud. A great many individuals become survivors of data fraud every year; last year the number was 15.4 million. 

These alarming figures show the requirement for advanced personality to modernize the character of the executives. We accept that blockchain can change the KYC worldview, improving it and open to all. In this way, we have outfit the capability of blockchain to create blockchain empowered KYC arrangement that improves making, observing and keeping up with computerized characters, making them more effective, easy to understand, secure and less defenseless against extortion. Accessible as a white mark arrangement, it tends to be effortlessly tweaked as the need might arise and sent off under your image name. Influence our turn key KYC answer for drive game-changing RegTech development.

Features of our KYC Blockchain Solution are, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), IPFS Address, Wallet Integration, Ethereum-Based Address, Get Incentivized, Digital Signatures. Blockchain KYC Use-Cases 

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Loaning Platforms
  3. Telecom
  4. Finance
  5. Medical care
  6. Real Estate
  7. Government
  8. Travel and Transportation
  9. Insurance
  10. Casinos and Online Gaming

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